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Switch the Colors

April 5, 2012

Reasons I think the musician is the lost prince.

  • Malherbeau showed up out of nowhere at age 19
  • The lost prince “died” at 10
  • There is no surviving birth certificate for Malherbeau
  • There is a lot of detail on pictures of the lost prince (and how he reminds Andi of her little brother) and one of the people Andi is staying with keeps telling her to check out the portrait of Malherbeau at his homestead.
  • Malherbeau has a concerto called Fireworks. And the lost prince’s companion amused him by setting off fireworks around the palace. And after he was kidnapped and held in the tower, she went around Paris setting off¬†fireworks for him to see from the tower he was held in.

April 3, 2012

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

There is an occupational hazard that comes with being a librarian, shelving leads me to finding new things to add to my ever growing list of “to read”.

Revolutions seems to be a present meets the past when a girl finds an old diary.

I have a soft spot for historical fiction and magical realism. Where I think this is going combines them quite well.